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Heavy-Duty Sealed Rail Kit YDT500
The advent of increasingly stringent emissions legislation worldwide has led to the introduction of revolutionary diesel systems such as Common Rail. Whilst Common Rail is commonly associated with passenger car and van applications, there is now also a large population of truck and off-highway vehicles equipped with Common Rail systems.

Delphi has recognised that workshops require the same diagnostic capability on these heavy-duty vehicles as is available on cars and has therefore developed the Heavy-Duty Sealed Rail Kit (YDT500).

Specifically designed for the heavy-duty market and operating on the exact same principles as the successful Delphi Sealed Rail Kit (YDT278), the Heavy-Duty Kit gives the user the on-vehicle capability to check the pressure being generated by a Common Rail pump and to identify individual injectors which is not performing to specification.

The kit has been designed so as to ensure the widest possible systems coverage and is compatible with Common Rail systems manufactured by Bosch, Caterpillar and Denso, which in turn are fitted to engines built by !veco, Perkins, Deutz, John Deere & Sisu Diesel and others. The kit contains all of the pipes and adaptors to cover the list of applications detailed at the end of this section.

In addition, to its heavy-duty capability, the YDT500 is also compatible with many Common Rail car applications manufactured by Mercedes and Audi along with Ford Duramax and Hummer vehicles.
Heavy-Duty Sealed Rail Kit at a Glance
The Heavy-Duty Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit provides simple, low-cost diagnostic capability for truck and off-highway vehicles fitted with Common Rail systems.

Features & Benefits
  • Kit designed specifically for truck and heavy-duty applications
  • Compatible with Bosch & Denso systems
  • Covers engines manufactured by Iveco, Perkins, Deutz, John Deere & Sisu Diesel
  • Compatible with double outlet high-pressure pumps
  • Can be used on 4 & 6 cylinder, V6 & V8 engines
  • Identifies faulty component (pump, injector) within the CR system
  • On-vehicle testing - prevents the need for complete system removal and refit
  • Measures pressure generated by the CR pump
  • Measures backleakage for each individual injector
Engine Manufacturer Engine Type Vehicle Applications
DAF PACCAR 4 Cyl 3.9L & PACCAR 6 Cyl 5.9L LF45, LF55 & CF65
Deutz 2012 4Cyl 4.04, 6Cyl 6.06  
Deutz 2013 6Cyl 5.7L  
Iveco N40 ENT 4Cyl 3.9L & N60 ENT 6Cyl 5.9L Landini, McCormick, Case New Holland
Iveco E13, E15 & E17 4Cyl Iveco Eurocargo
Iveco E18, E21, E24 & E28 6Cyl Iveco Eurocargo
John Deere Powertech 6Cyl 6.8L Tractor 6020
John Deere 6Cyl 6.8L Tractor 7020
John Deere 6Cyl 8.1L Tractor 8020
John Deere 6Cyl 12.5L Tractor 9020
Man D20 6Cyl 10.5L & D28 6Cyl 12.8L TGA
Perkins 1106 6Cyl 6L Massey Ferguson
RVI Sofim 4Cyl Master & Mascot
RVI Dci 4 & 6 Midlum & Premium
RVI Dci 11 Premium & Kerax
Sisu Diesel 49 CTA 4Cyl 4.9L Massey Ferguson, Valtra
Sisu Diesel 84 CTA 6Cyl 8.4L Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Case New Holland
Volvo D6B 6Cyl 6L FL Series
NEW: Heavy-Duty Kit - upgrade to all sector capability
The YDT500 can be upgraded to a tool that will cover all vehicle sectors by purchasing five further components used with the YDT278 (all now available as individual items). The additional part numbers required are:
YDT267 Dummy IMV
YDT270 HP pipe M12-M14 short
YDT271 HP pipe M12-M14 long
YDT377 500ml leak-off bottle
YDT423 Siemens HP pipe
NEW: Sealed Rail Kit Components
In order to support existing Sealed Rail kit users and enable upgrades for YDT500 users, Delphi has now launched a full replacement parts programme for the components within the kit:
Part Number Description
YDT266 Container for injector returns
YDT267 Dummy IMV
YDT268 Pressure display
YDT269 HP pipe M12-M14 short
YDT270 HP pipe M12-M14 long
YDT271 HP pipe M14-M14
YDT272 Sealed Rail
YDT273 Discharge container
YDT274 Container for pump return
YDT275 Delphi injector connections
YDT276 Bosch/Siemens injector connections
YDT277 Protection Caps Kit
YDT377 500ml Back-leak bottle
YDT423 Siemens High-Pressure Pipe