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False Actuator Kit YDT410
The Delphi Sealed Rail Kit (YDT278) is a unique piece of diagnostic equipment that identifies on-vehicle the individual components of a Common Rail system that are failing. This kit has successfully provided workshops throughout the world with a low-cost, all-makes diagnostic solution for mechanical faults on light-duty Common Rail vehicles.

The introduction of the False Actuator Kit (YDT410) in 2005 extended the YDT278's capability further, enabling the garage to diagnose actuator failures within Common Rail pumps.

The False Actuator Kit has been designed to work in conjunction with the Sealed Rail Kit to further interrogate the pump when a reduction in the pres sure being generated within the CR system has been identified.
When maximum pressure cannot be generated using the Sealed Rail kit and the vehicle actuator, the false actuator is fitted in order to enable the pump to generate full system pressure. If the pump generates the correct pressure with the false actuator in place then the vehicle actuator is deemed to be at fault and should be replaced. If the pressure is still below the required level when tested with the false actuator, then there is a mechanical failure within the pump.

Delphi will supply a series of all-makes test data for each actuator in order that the user can be fully confident in the diagnostic results.

The False Actuator Kit must only be used when the Sealed Rail is fitted to the vehicle. The use of false actuators without the Sealed Rail leads to extreme high pressures being generated by an uncontrolled system and poses a severe safety risk.



CP1 & CP3
HP1/HP2 & HP3
DCP type 1 & DCP type 2

False Actuator Kit at a Glance
The False Actuator Kit gives the capability to isolate actuator faults and mechanical faults on Common Rail pumps made by all major manufacturers.
Features & Benefits
  • Identifies internal faults within CR pumps
  • On-vehicle testing - prevents the need for complete system removal and refit
  • Covers CR pumps made by all major manufacturers (Bosch, Denso, Delphi & Siemens)
  • Test data provided for every system covered by the kit
  • Works in conjunction with the original Delphi Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit (YDT278)
  • Is also compatible with the Delphi Heavy-Duty Sealed Rail Kit (YDT500)
  • Low-cost investment to obtain increased level of diagnostics
  • Reduces cost and inconvenience for the end-customer
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