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YDT278 Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit
The Delphi Diesel Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit YDT278, takes Common Rail diagnostics to another level by identifying the individual components of a Common Rail system which are failing. It gives the user the ability to carry out on-vehicle diagnostics on the two major components of the Common Rail system; the pump and the injector.

Due to the design of the Common Rail fuel system, the commonly used electronic diagnostic systems require additional support in order to accurately trace faulty components - the ECU diagnostic strategy can often go no further than failure mode identification, which does not always pinpoint the particular part of the system that has failed. The end result of this has been the unnecessary replacement of many complete Common Rail systems (pump, rail and set of injectors) causing great expense, inconvenience and dissatisfaction to the end-customer.

The Delphi Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit brings an end to all of these problems. Consisting of a Sealed Rail Pressure Tester and Injector Back-leakage Measure ment equipment, the kit gives the on-vehicle capability to check the pressure being generated by a Common Rail pump and to identify individual injectors that fail. From now on, only faulty components need be replaced, reducing the burden on the end-customer and giving the repairer a distinct advantage over those workshops without a Delphi Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit.

The kit has been designed to be compatible with systems manufactured by Delphi, Bosch, Siemens and Denso. Therefore, with this one investment a workshop gains the ability to diagnose the complete range of Common Rail systems. It should be noted that Delphi advises that work on Delphi Common Rail systems should onlly be undertaken by an authorised Delphi Common Rail workshop or BTL approved Diesel Point.
Sealed Rail at a Glance
The Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit provides simple, low-cost diagnostic capability for pumps and injectors on Common Rail systems made by all major manufacturers.
Features & Benefits
· Identifies faulty component (pump, iniector) within the CR system
· On-vehicle testing - prevents the need for complete system removal and refit
· Measures pressure generated by the CR pump
· Measures backleakage for each individual injector
· Compatible with Delphi, Bosch, Siemens & Denso systems
· Contains adapters needed for tests on all-makes applications
· Reduces costs and inconvenience for end-customer
The Principles of Common Rail
In order to perform at a consistently high level, the Common Rail system must sustain the fuel at an extremely high pressure from the pump, through the high-pressure pipes and rail, and into the injectors. If there is a drop in the system's operating pressure, then the vehicle will experience a progressive lack of power which may lead to a complete engine shutdown. It is therefore imperative that any loss of pressure is identified and resolved as early as possible.

The two major causes of pres sure reduction within the system are a faulty pump (insufficient pres sure is generated) or faulty injectors (excessive pressure lost to back-leak).

The Delphi Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit is capable of diagnosing both of these faults.
Contents of the Kit
The Sealed Rail Pressure Tester
The Sealed Rail Pressure Tester is a device which measures precisely the pressure generated by a Common Rail pump. It is fitted directly to the high-pressure outlet pipe and measures the pressure within the system during the cranking of the engine. The measurement can be read from a digital display (as shown). If the figure displayed varies from the specified pressure measurement for that application then the pump is at fault and should be replaced.

Injector backleakage equipment

The identification of faulty Common Rail injectors can be achieved by measuring the backleakage from each injector. The injector backleakage equipment within the kit permits this measurement to take place on-vehicle. The equipment stores the backleakage from each of the injectors in transparent, calibrated containers. These containers allow a quick and easy visual diagnosis of the test results in order to identify a specific injector that is at fault.
NEW: CR Pump Return Leak-Off Bottle
Delphi has now increased the technician's ability to diagnose the low pressure circuit by introducing the YDT377, a quick-fit 500ml leak-off bottle.

This bottle is fitted directly to the pump and is used to collect the back-flow return from the pump during engine running. The collection of this fuel allows the workshop to carry out two additional tests. Firstly the volume of fuel collected during engine running will indicate whether there is a fault either with the transfer pump or elsewhere within the low-pressure part of the Common Rail system (between the fuel tank and the pump). Secondly, the fuel collected in the leak-off bottle can be analysed and checked for contamination.
NEW: Siemens High-Pressure Pipe
The original YDT278 contained high-pressure pipes that enable the user to fit the sealed rail to all Common Rail pumps that were in the market at that time. As new Common Rail systems are developed and launched, Delphi will ensure that the high-pressure pipes required to diagnose these vehicles are added to the Delphi range.

The first of these pipes to be launched is the YDT423 for the Siemens fuel injection system on the 6 cylinder PSA DT17 system. This pipe is required when using the Sealed Rail on any vehicles fitted with this system. These include Peugeot 407 coupé, Peugeot 607, Citroen C6, Jaguar S-type and Land Rover Discovery.

Please note that the YDT423 is included in the latest production version of the YDT278 so check your kit before placing an order.
NEW: Sealed Rail Kit Components
In order to support existing Sealed Rail kit users and enable upgrades for YDT500 users, Delphi has now launched a full replacement parts programme for the components within the kit:
Part Number Description
YDT266 Container for injector returns
YDT267 Dummy IMV
YDT268 Pressure display
YDT269 HP pipe M12-M14 short
YDT270 HP pipe M12-M14 long
YDT271 HP pipe M14-M14
YDT272 Sealed Rail
YDT273 Discharge container
YDT274 Container for pump return
YDT275 Delphi injector connections
YDT276 Bosch/Siemens injector connections
YDT277 Protection Caps Kit
YDT377 500ml Back-leak bottle
YDT423 Siemens High-Pressure Pipe
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