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Nozzle Reconditioning Equipment
BTL offers a range of new or secondhand Hartridge equipment for reconditioning traditional nozzles.

Even the secondhand equipment is extremely robust and reliable having been built to last, but where necessary used equipment is reconditioned for re-sale and any worn items replaced to ensure several more years of service.

The range includes:

HH008 Nozzle Grinder for regrinding the seating surfaces of nozzles

HH034 Injectomatic One for automatic honing of nozzle seating surfaces

HH013 Nozzle Multiclean for oil flushing and air blast cleaning of nozzles

HH601 Testmaster for testing most injectors (17.8 - 33mm diameter) and also separate nozzles

99-50 Nozzle Cleaning Kit

99-860 Probelight

99-10A Needle Lift Gauge

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For details on laps, cutting tools and other accessories for the above equipment, please click here to download a brochure.