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NEW IFT-200 Common Rail Injector
Hartridge has just released it’s latest product, the IFT-200.  The new Hartridge IFT-200 Common Rail Injector Function Tester provides a low cost, full pressure “All Makes” test solution. More information....
NEW Hartridge Ultrasonic tanks
Hartridge presents a new range of Ultrasonic Tanks.  Made in stainless steel for easy cleaning and robust performance, these tanks come in a variety of sizes for any workshop needs.
Fuel Analyser
Delphi has launched a fuel analyser to provide first level diagnostics on fuel quality. The only product in the market place to provide immediate results, at a price that's right. The YDT553 Fuel Analyser is a hand held unit designed to provide workshops and garages with real time analysis of fuel content...more information