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A Diesel Max software package is available for the DS100E offering in-depthdiesel diagnostics on Delphi equipped vehicles combined with comprehensive systems diagnostics across a massive range of the modern European vehicle parc.
There are now more than 5 million vehicles on European roads equipped with Delphi Common Rail diesel injection systems. If a garage or workshop is to offer service on these vehicles then they need a diagnostic tool that is not only a fault code reader – it must also give the capability to write to the ECU.
Each hi-tech Delphi Common Rail injector is allocated its own special coding (or ‘C2I’ coding) to ensure maximum performance. This 16 digit number relates to the specific characteristics of each injector and must be programmed into the ECU when the injector is fitted onto the vehicle.
Therefore, if a workshop replaces a Delphi Common Rail injector they must own a diagnostic tool that is capable of writing the C2I code to the ECU.
The DS100E with the Diesel Max software package is the only OE recognised tool targeted at independent garages and workshops that can provide this capability.
In addition to this unique ‘diesel’ capability, the Diesel Max package also offers full diagnostics across other vehicle electronic systems including petrol engine management, ABS, airbag, instrument panel, air conditioning, gearbox and immobiliser systems. The user will be able to read and erase fault codes as well as read real time data relating to these systems.
Diesel Max software at a Glance
The Diesel Max package provides diesel diagnostics from the OE manufacturer,
combined with comprehensive vehicle coverage across all other vehicle electronic systems.
Features & Benefits
• Gives capability to write C2I codes to ECU on Delphi equipped
Common Rail vehicles
• Can drive actuators and identify ECUs
• Reads and erases fault codes across all the major electronic
systems on a vehicle
• Reads real time data
• Offers coverage on over 13,000 vehicle applications
• Available in 12 major European languages
• 3 updates per year ensure latest vehicle releases are covered