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BTL Approved Diagnostics Centres – Diesel Point
Some workshops who do not wish to invest in the complete package of equipment required to become an authorised Delphi (or Stanadyne) service centre may with a much smaller investment operate as an officially BTL approved diagnostics centre. The diagnostics centre can provide a useful service to identify the fault quickly and correctly and liaise with the nearest authorised service centre to ensure that the correct parts are replaced or repaired and the customer’s vehicle put back into operation in the shortest possible time.

A network of BTL approved diagnostic centres operating under the brand name Diesel Point and providing a diagnostics service for Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens Common Rail and EUI systems is now being established and we would welcome enquiries from potential participants. A complete package of diagnostic equipment (including YDT278, YDT410, YDT500, DS100E) parts, consumables and tools together with full training and technical support will be provided.

This package also includes an electronic catalogue download (Direct Evolution Lite pdf).

It must be emphasised that all diagnostics centres must commit to meeting certain basic standards – most importantly cleanliness – to ensure approved status.
We would be pleased to audit your workshop for inclusion as an approved Diesel Point. Please contact us.