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Delphi Diesel

Delphi has a heritage in diesel that stretches back over seventy years; today Delphi is a world leader and is at the cutting edge of Diesel technology.

Delphi acquired the diesel business in January 2000 (from Lucas Diesel) and was proud to take charge of valued brands including those of CAV, Simms, RotoDiesel and Condiesel.

Delphi Diesel Aftermarket employs over 500 people, dedicated to the aftermarket and based in 10 countries. To fully support customers Delphi has established an international network of over 3000 diesel distributors, serving more than 100 countries and providing a comprehensive package of over 20,000 individual part numbers.

Delphi Diesel products are commonly found in all major diesel market segments: cars, light vans, heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural, industrial and marine. With its leading product development programme, technical support and distribution strength, Delphi Diesel is playing a major role in expanding Delphi's global aftermarket presence.

Delphi Diesel is committed to achieving world-class standards of customer service.

Delphi has approximately 184,000 employees and operates 167 wholly-owned manufacturing sites, 42 joint ventures, 53 customer centres and sales offices, and 33 technical centres in 40 countries.

Professionals go to the Delphi network to service their diesel systems because, as one of the world's leading diesel suppliers, there is a good chance that Delphi designed and manufactured those diesel components and systems in the first place.

Delphi Diesel's heritage can be traced back to the legendary CAV brand which still provides the basis for our broad range of diesel components. So if you simply want a Delphi 296 fuel filter, or you need to service one of our state-of-the-art Common Rail or EUI systems, our global network of Delphi Diesel Service Centres are ready to support you.

To locate your nearest distributor go to Delphi Service Centres. Alternatively find out more about the Delphi range under Products and Diagnostic Equipment.