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Cummins Test Equipment
BTL offers a range of Hartridge equipment for testing Cummins pumps and injectors. Similar Hartridge equipment has been supplied and is operating in Cummins production plants in the USA, UK. and all over the world.

The following equipment is compatible with the test standards and procedures set by Cummins and is approved by Cummins:

HA290 for testing Cummins PT injectors (including PTB, PTC, PTD, K, H,       NH, J & C types)
HK860 upgrades the HA290 for testing Cummins Celect EUI
HA123 for testing Cummins PT pumps (including Aneroid/AFC pumps)
HF491 upgrades existing test stands to test Cummins PT pumps       (including on Cummins K series engines)

In addition there are 2 further ways of testing Cummins Celect EUI:

HK862 + HH701 (with adaptor HK839) for a quick check of the injector's functionality (spray pattern, spring rate, solenoid operation and Nozzle Opening Pressure)

HK870 + AVM2-PC (with HK884, NTA4001, AE35/1, AE33) for detailed testing to production standards.

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