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What is the Electronic Unit Injector (EUI)?

An EUI comprises an individual camshaft driven plunger pump for each
cylinder which is capable of delivering fuel at very high pressures (up to 2000 bar). These high injection pressures are absolutely essential to enable engines to meet current and future emissions legislation. The actuator is a solenoid controlled valve which is operated by signals from a microprocessor. The EUI system incorporates full electronic control with pilot injection being employed to reduce noise. At the same time, sensors around the engine feed a continous stream of data to the ECU which calculates the exact amount and timing of fuel injected.
EUI Repair
Due to the complex nature of the Electronic Unit Injector and the extremely high operating pressure within the system, in the past, the only service option was to replace the entire unit with a new or factory re-manufactured unit. Repair was not possible, as the traditional workshop equipment and environment was not suitable for the task.

However, the creation of specialist service centres with sophisticated diagnostic and test equipment, dedicated areas and 'clean rooms' means that EUI repair is now possible. Repair of EUI provides a cost effective alternative to replacement, without compromising on quality.

In the case of Delphi authorised service centres, all repair parts are sourced from the manufacturer - so that the parts are identical to those supplied to the production line. Furthermore, on completion of the repair, the EUI is tested on approved test equipment against the original test plan and specification to ensure optimum performance.

For information on Test Equipment, EUI mounting kits, Special accessories and tools, Workshop Standards and Cleaning Equipment necessary for EUI testing, please see below.
Test equipment
BTL offers a package of test equipment to repair the full range of Bosch, Delphi and other manufacturers' EUI. For further information on the following items which form the core of this equipment, please refer to the menu:
Hartridge test bench
Base kit
EUI mounting kits
Each EUI is tested using its own uniquely profiled cam, in exactly the same way as is done in production by the manufacturer. The following EUI mounting kits are supplied for testing the specified EUI and require a power supply unit and mount:
  Power supply EUI / EUP Mount  
Cam Kit
High speed Tappet HK889
HK871 Detroit Diesel Kit X
HK872 Volvo & Hyundai EUI Kit
HK873 MB Actros Kit X
HK874 Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda Kit X
HK875 Caterpillar 3176 Kit
HK876 Iveco Cursor 10/13 Kit X
HK877 John Deere Kit
HK878 Mack/Renault/DAF Kit X
HK879 Caterpillar 3406/C15 Kit
HK880 Iveco Cursor 8 Kit X
HK881 MB Atego Kit X
HK882 Scania Kit X
HK884 Cummins Celect Kit X
HK889 Volvo AO Upgrade Kit
HK891 Land Rover TD5 Kit

The following nozzle adaptors and tools are also available:
NTA4501 Delphi nozzle testing adaptor
NTA4502 Iveco 10/13 nozzle adaptor
NTA4503 Iveco 8 nozzle adaptor
NTA4504 Bosch nozzle adaptor
NTA4505 VW Nozzle adaptor
NTA4507 Land Rover nozzle adaptor
NTA4508 Detroit Diesel nozzle adaptor
HT001 Injector Capnut removal tool
Special accessories and tools for authorised service centres
Special tools and equipment are required by Delphi authorised service centres as detailed below. These tools and equipment are only available to authorised centres.
Delphi authorised service centres require:
Special accessories
HB388 Load cell upgrade device
HK883 Volvo EUI AO Accessory kit
Special tools  
Special Delphi tool kit for dismantling/assembly of EUI comprising:
Assembly fixture
Spring compressor
Actuator socket
Nozzle cap nut socket
O-ring sleeve
Workshop Standards
With the extremely fine tolerance inherent in EUI, there are much more stringent requirements for those workshops carrying out the repair of EUI. The most significant advance in workshop requirements is the creation of a 'Clean Room'.
The Clean Room should be large enough to accommodate a box-type van and it must be possible to totally close the area, using traditional doors, roller shutters or curtains. The floors and walls of the area should either be sealed with industrial paint or tiled.
As it is essential that the ingress of dust is minimised, any windows must be kept closed and exhaust extraction should be provided for vehicles under test. Ventilation is also required to prevent the build-up of fumes from cleaning solvents etc.
Further information regarding lighting, workbenches, air supply, telephone lines and protective clothing required for the Clean Room and including suggested layouts can be provided by BTL.
Cleaning Equipment
Those workshops undertaking EUI repair also require equipment which takes component cleaning to a new standard. Components should be put through three distinct cleaning processes prior to being assembled and fitted to the vehicle. These cleaning stages are: primary pre-cleaning, pre-assembly cleaning and clean rinsing.
BTL offers a range of products which enable these three cleaning stages to be carried out to the required standard and which it is essential for authorised service centres to meet. For further information on the specific equipment, please refer to the Cleaning Equipment in the menu:
HM1000 Microdiesel clean cabinet
HM1003, HM1004, HM1005 Ultrasonic cleaning tanks
HM1007 Rotary basket washer
HM1009 Pre-assembly rinse tank
BTL also provides comprehensive training to ensure that the network is perfectly equipped to carry out both the servicing and the repair of EUI.