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HM1003, HM1004, HM1005
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Cleaning Equipment

Common Rail and EUI systems are technically advanced and operate at high injection pressures. This demands high manufacturing precision and exceptionally fine clearances in the mechanical/hydraulic components and this in turn requires full clean room manufacturing facilities during assembly and test.

In the service environment, there is a severe risk of contamination of the system, unless high standards of cleanliness are maintained. In order to support the current and future range of products and achieve competitive levels of workshop diagnosis and repair, all authorised service centres need to operate superior component cleaning equipment and a clean servicing environment.

A range of equipment has been developed which allows the workshop to reach the necessary standards and has been approved by the major manufacturers: Delphi, Denso and Siemens. This includes the following:

HM1000 Microdiesel clean cabinet
HM1003, HM1004, HM1005 Ultrasonic cleaning tanks
HM1007 Rotary basket washer
HM1009 Pre-assembly rinse tank